Benefits of being Multilingual

Multilingualism means- Using or having the ability to use several languages.

English has become the Lingua Franca of the global dynamic world. If we focus on India, we have more than 18 vernacular languages. So an Indian, if well travelled even in India, locally he is multilingual. But speaking in Global terms we should know English and then additionally other languages, whichever one would need in one’s adventurous journey of life, for effective communication.

Multilingualism has several pros, to pen down a few is a challenge ..

English is a basic necessity as in the new academic pattern all text and explanation is primarily in English. Thus, to understand other disciplines one must know English. be able to calculate a certain mathematical sum one needs to understand the meaning of the instructions given.

Multilingualism has been proven to help your child develop superior reading and writing skills. Multilingual children also tend to have over all better academic skills than their monolingual peers. It creates a natural flexibility and adaptability, and it increases their self-esteem and self confidence.

As is known, successful communication can only take place when the sender is able to send such a message that can be decoded by the receiver. Once communication is successful then it leads to several advantages — better impressions made, better business dealings, etc. e.g. Mandarin is needed to communicate in China (at least basics) otherwise one may have to go without food too!

The biggest advantage of knowing a foreign language is a student can have better career opportunities as compared to their monolingual peers. MNCs prefer candidates who have command on at least one foreign language so that they can be planned according to their global projects. There are many free lance opportunities available as well, as Translator, Moderator, Interpreter, Guide, Teacher, etc. Knowing other languages would put one at ease in Foreign Lands, it makes them smarter regarding social cues, gestures and behavioral patterns e.g. Indians prefer removing their footwear before entering their kitchen areas if not the main door itself. Not understanding the significance and social cues some foreigner might still keep their shoes on and create bad vibes.

Career prospects are multiplied many times over for people who know more than one language. Several institutes offering various language courses help students understand their desired foreign language thus opening the doors of the global financial world. Outsourcing is very common in the US as Indians have been studying English for long.

Last but not the least, families who are involved in international business are thinking ahead from the very early stage of their child’s education-letting children dabble in foreign languages.

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