Director's Message


Dear students,

I welcome you to the Lingua Franca and look forward to fulfilling the aspirations with which you enroll for our courses. LF provides an environment conducive to success which is a key part in anyone's pursuit of the highest standards and expectations. With its unmatched course curriculum, well-qualified and trained faculties and periodic expert seminars we can boast of being the best in the industry.

Lingua Franca creates a challenging and learning environment that not only encourages but also ensures an individual's personal, professional and emotional growth. With our comprehensive course material, ultra-modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources, we enable you to have the edge at work and in life as well as make the world realize your full potential.

We provide quality education at a very affordable cost. The courses are specifically designed to be flexible, practical, need based, and highly structured which help in nurturing the needed expertise demanded in the industry.

We allow intellectual development in a multi-ethnic society by rendering ample opportunities and various course options under one roof that too with insights into current trends and technologies of this fascinating modern era. Each student's self-esteem is significant and to this end, we have created an engaging and responsive ambiance for every stage of development. Our mission is to empower the people of the nation with the most requisite tool in today’s world i.e. good communication skills. We with strong determination & will strive to give your life new shape and add vibrant colors to it only in a couple of months. Here students become their best, altered by immersive classroom learning collaborations with outstanding peers, and new leadership opportunities.

With our commitment to implement leading-edge technologies and expertise knowledge, hopefully you would derive maximum benefit from your stay with us and walk out with a sense of pride, achievement and belonging at the completion of the course.

Wishing you a successful career.

Heerendra Bagchi